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27 November 2023

CHIA Early Career Community: Seminar on Social Robotics

Professor Hatice Gunes

Social Robotics for Assessing and Promoting Mental Wellbeing

Time: 2-3pm
Date: 21st November
Venue: S1, Alison Richard Building

The World Health Organization (WHO) underscores the prevelance of mental heath issues among the adults and children on a global scale. Recent research in the fields of human-robot interaction and social robotics have shown that robots have the potential to serve as novel and engaging tools to improive both physical and emptional wellbeing. In this talk I will present the recent explorations of the Cambridge Affective Intelligence and Robotics Lab in these areas and will illustrate the challenges and opportunities of social robotics for promoting wellbeing with a number of case studies, with insights for short- and long-term adaptation and perceptions and expectations of prospective users of robotic wellbeing coaches.