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11 July 2023

Trustworthy and Responsible AI Conference

Trustworthy and Responsible AI conference was held in Cambridge on 26 June, 2023. Co-organised by Dr Pingfan Song and the Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3) in collaboration with Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public, the event was co-supported by CHIA, AI@Cam, Bitfount, and Cambridge Global Consulting Ltd.

The growing need for trustworthy and responsible AI is now increasingly recognised by academics, industry, policy makers and the public. The conference brought together speakers and delegates from diverse communities to share perspectives and the latest knowledge in this important area. The event featured panel discussions and several keynote speeches:

Prof. Zoe Kourtzi, University of Cambridge – Robust and interpretable AI-guided tools for early dementia prediction

Dr David Krueger, University of Cambridge – Baby Steps Towards Safe and Trustworthy AI in Large Scale Deep Learning

Dr Richard Milne, Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public, University of Cambridge – AI, trust and the public

Prof. Alessandro Abate, University of Oxford – Certified learning, or learning for verification?

Dr Lucas Dixon, PAIR, Google – Large Language Models, Prototypes & Responsibility

Prof. Miguel Rodrigues, University College London – Fair Federated Learning

Dr Blaise Thomson, Bitfount РHow the real world impacts the use of trustworthy & responsible AI

Further details are provided on the conference website.