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About Us

Artificial Intelligence must be equipped with a better understanding of the human intelligence, values and needs for it to serve the best interests of humanity.

The Centre for Human-Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA) is located at the University of Cambridge, in the heart of one of the most dynamic AI ecosystems in Europe. It is dedicated to advancing AI for the benefit of humanity and the world we live in.

CHIA brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers to investigate the innovative ways in which human and machine intelligence can be combined to yield AI which is capable of contributing to social and global progress.

The Centre plays a leading role in educating the next generation of AI researchers and leaders in this area.

Collaboration is critical to our success. We work with universities, industry, policy makers, non-governmental organisations and civil society to achieve common goals.


Fundamental Human-Level AI

Makes core AI technologies more human.

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Responsible AI

Builds equity, inclusivity, interpretability, privacy, and security into AI.

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Social and Interactive AI

Supports human and human-machine interaction.

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Cognitive AI

Benefits from (or provides insight into) the human condition.

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Health and Global AI

Helps humans understand and address medical and global problems.

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Creative AI

Supports human creativity.

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Support CHIA

CHIA seeks partnership with companies and donors that share our mission to advance AI for the benefit of humanity. Support from our partners will ensure that the Centre has the resources needed for innovative, interdisciplinary research on next generation, human-inspired AI. For information about our corporate programme or donations, please get in touch: